| Tuesday, 31 March 2020 |
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Assignment: Pick a tutorial you are interested in!

11:55 PM

You are going to pick a tutorial you are interested in from here.

Take a screenshot of the app running after the tutorial and write up a brief (paragraph) review of the tutorial.  What was difficult?  Could you see yourself using this skill in the future?

Do not use the "Android Room with a View" tutorial.

In-class assignment: Saving pet information (with a partner)

11:55 PM

You are designing an Android app for a pet groomer.

Allow the groomer to enter information about the dog:

  • Weight
  • Breed
  • Name
  • Special instructions

Here is an easy way to save the data using Gson:

Allow the groomer to view all the information about the data entered.

The design is up to you!

Show me tonight and work with a partner.