Small Business Project

Create a menu based program for a small business that starts with the first letter of your last name.  You will be outputting the price of the service or product depending on the type of business and the input provided by the user.

For instance, if your last name is F, you can create a program for a flower shop.

You will need to ask for two numeric values, a boolean and a string that are relevant to the small business.  Let's take the flower shop as an example again.  We can ask for the name of the person making the order and the number of flowers the person is ordering.  We can also ask for the size of the flowers being ordered.  With this information calculate the amount of the order.  You will need at least 4 if/else if (conditional) statements or a switch with 4 cases in your program.   The output will be the price for the flowers chosen.

The types of questions (input) will depend on the type of business chosen.  The prices for the goods or services should be reasonable and according to the type of business chosen.

The menu needs to loop until the user wishes to quit the program (use a while or do while loop).

Paste a link to your on a text file and submit it here..