Stock Assignment

Last month Billy bought some stock in BillCo, Inc.  Here are some details:

  • Billy purchased 2,000 shares
  • He paid $22.97 per share.
  • He paid a commission of 2.5% the amount he paid for the stock.

Three weeks later Billy sold the stock.  Here are the details:

  • He sold 2,000 shares.
  • He sold the shares for $27.97
  • He paid his stock broker another commission of 2.5% of the amount he received for the stock.

Calculate the following:

  • How much Billy paid for the stock.
  • The amount of commission paid to the broker when he bought the stock.
  • The amount Billy sold the stock for.
  • The amount of commission paid his broker when he sold his stock.
  • Display the amount of profit Billy made after selling the stock and paying the two commissions.