MDC App (homework)

Add an empty main activity and add an image of Miami Dade College.  Also add a button beneath the image. 

When the button is clicked a second activity will load. On this activity show a checkbox where a student will select whether or not they are a resident,  a plain EditText where the student will enter their name, and a phone EditText.  On the bottom there will be a button to take the user to the third and final activity.

The third activity will have a CalendarView and nothing else.

You do not need to implement the checkbox and EditText boxes from the second activity (it would be cool if you did!) instead you need to focus on how to move from one Activity to the other using the Intents we covered earlier in class. Show me the finished product on Monday.  

Bonus points if your app will keep track of the student info and the date they picked from the CalendarView.  

Sample first screen:

Second screen:

Third sample screen:

Show me the working app in class!