Farm Application (classwork, finished at home)

You are going to design an app for a farmer to keep records on her farm.

On the first Activity have the farmer enter their name and include an image of a farm.

Pass the name from the first activity to the next Activity.

On the second Activity, ask the user to enter the number of cows, pigs and sheep on the farm.

Pass both the name of the farmer and the information related to the animals to the third Activity.

On the third Activity give a summary of all the farm information including the name and a list of all the farm animals.

Include a special fact about the animal they have the most.

Here are possible special facts:

  • Cows can smell something up to 6 miles away
  • Pigs are among the smartest of all domesticated animals and are even smarter than dogs
  • An adult male sheep is called a ram, while an adult female is called a ewe.

Work with a partner and show us in class on Monday. Make it as beautiful as you can.